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Transitions – Movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, or concept to another. 

We all can undoubtedly count on changes or transitions in our lives. This time of year many of us are experiencing transitions from summer to fall,vacation to work, no school to school, college, or maybe entering the workforce for the first time.  Some of these transitions are positive:  a marriage,birth of a child, graduation, and some transitions are negative: a break-up,death, loss of job. Adapting to change is key in leading a more fulfilling life.  Below are five of my favorite coping strategies for transition. 

Tammy J Brooks MA, LSW

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  1. Get Organized – Take a few minutes to get yourself/family organized. Establish a schedule or a routine that becomes normal.
  2. Embrace the Change – Dwelling on what you may be leaving behind never helps. Focus on creating a positive experience from this point forward.
  3. Take One Day at a Time – Set small, obtainable goals for yourself.
  4. Think Positively – Cultivate a positive outlook so you can see the new opportunities your transition offers. 5. Live in the Now – Most anxiety and worry is based on the future. Stay in the present of what is happening now and what youcan control.

Hope these are helpful!